Parental insightfulness: l’importanza della sua applicazione negli interventi per il disturbo dello spettro autistico.

Salas Iturra, Alice Clarissa (a.a. 2018/2019) Parental insightfulness: l’importanza della sua applicazione negli interventi per il disturbo dello spettro autistico. Tesi di Laurea in Scienze e tecniche psicologiche dei processi cognitivi (L-24), Università degli studi di Sassari, relatore Uccula Arcangelo Francesco, pp. 43. [Tesi di Laurea triennale]

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) refers to a broad spectrum of conditions that appear early in developmental age, characterised by deficits in social interactions, restricted and repetitive behaviors. The onset of ASD is influenced by a combination of environmental, genetic and epigenetic factors, with an incidence in the population of 1 in 150 children, with a greater prevalence in males. The most used treatments are psychoeducational interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy and ABA. Recent research shows the effectiveness of using parental sensitivity and Insightfulness in interventions. Morevoer, to help the parents of children with autism during treatments, targeted parent training seems to be recommended in order to relieve the stress and discomfort experienced during this phase. The definition of the concepts of Insightfulness and parental sensitivity was influenced by John Bowlby's Theory of attachment, developed in collaboration with Mary Ainsworth. Insightfulness is the ability of the caregiver to read mental states and tune into the child's emotional states. This is very difficult for the parents of a child with autism, given their child’s difficulties with social interactions. It has been shown that a good level of parental insightfulness is effective in the prognosis of treatments. In this study, we will examine the relationships between the caregiver-child attachment style and the effectiveness of parenting insightfulness in interventions, emphasizing the importance of guiding parents to understand themselves and the needs of their child with autism, in order to meet these needs effectively.

Tipologia di tesi: Tesi di Laurea triennale
Autore: Salas Iturra, Alice Clarissa
Relatore: Uccula, Arcangelo Francesco
Disciplina MIUR: Area 11 - Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche > M-PSI/04 PSICOLOGIA DELLO SVILUPPO E PSICOLOGIA DELL'EDUCAZIONE
Struttura: Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche
Corsi di Laurea: Scienze e tecniche psicologiche dei processi cognitivi (L-24)
Anno Accademico: 2018/2019
Sessione: Autunnale
Parole Chiave: Autismo,
Codice ID dell'EPrint: 1341
Data di Deposito: 29 Mar 2021 11:08
Tipo di tesi: Compilativa

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